Winter Feeding Backyard Birds in Holyoke

Winter in Holyoke can be a very difficult time for birds. Many winter days are windy and cold and nights can bring freezing temperatures. Bird food that is found in nature is hard for birds to find because vegetation has withered or been consumed or is deeply covered in snow and ice. Insects have died or become dormant. There are days when finding food can be especially difficult. This is why it’s important that the right extra food is offered in our backyard feeders. The right bird food that is high in calories and oil-rich will make the difference in survival.

In Holyoke you can expect to draw in the friendly Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, the amazing red Northern Cardinal. Finches, Sparrows, Woodpeckers, and Jays also stick around for winter and will be drawn into your yard if offered the right food.

Which Type of Seed Should I Put Out In Holyoke?

Black-oil sunflower seeds attract the greatest number of species. These seeds have a high meat-to-shell ratio, birds love the taste. These seeds are high in fat which is especially important in the winter months. Their small size and thin shells make them easy for small birds to handle and crack. Several studies, including the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Seed Preference Test, show that this high-energy food is the favorite of most birds that visit feeders. Striped sunflower seeds are popular with larger-beaked birds. These striped seeds are larger and have a thicker seed coat than black-oil sunflower. Just remember squirrels will also be coming around to try and grab a meal from your bird feeder. The Bird Store and More in Sturbridge, MA offers feeders that are “squirrel resistant.

Millet is a small round seed. It comes in white and red varieties; most birds prefer white proso millet over red. Nyjer®, or thistle seed, is a delicacy for small Finches such as Goldfinches, Siskins, and Redpolls. Offering the small-sized, premium-priced Nyjer seeds in special Nyjer feeders will provide more value for your money. These feeders come in either a sock form with a small mesh fabric or a tube feeder with tiny ports that prevent the seeds from spilling out. Finches will pull the seeds individually through the mesh or ports to enjoy them. Millet is a small, inexpensive grain that is a popular ingredient in many birdseed mixes. Feeding millet to your backyard birds will provide them with necessary nutrition and can attract a variety of different species to your feeders.



Don’t forget the fresh water! As temperatures freeze, water is hard to come by for the birds. The Bird Store and More near Holyoke has a variety of birdbaths that can keep water from freezing.


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