Winter Bird Baths, Bird Feed and Bird Supplies in Hampden

winter-birdIn the Hampden winter months, your feathered friends will need a little extra care and attention as the colder weather sets in, and snow covers the ground. Birds like all creatures feel the chill in the air so why not surprise them with a heated birdbath to rest those aching wings.

Birds also need a good supply of essential fats to help them keep warm throughout the winter months. Help provide that extra padding with Suet feeds, Fat balls and other nutritious fatty foods.

Some birds mate primarily in the winter months and having a nesting box or two close by will provide warmth and shelter for the mother as she prepares to lay and hatch her young for spring.

Your feathered friends in Hampden, provide you with joy and happiness every single day, so providing them with a safe, warm haven with plenty of nutritious food is a small price to pay.

Enjoy the winter season, and help your feathered friends enjoy it with you. Call or stop by today to pick up all your birding essentials. If you can make it to our store then shop online here.