Pine Siskins Have Taken Over Chicopee

Pine Siskins Have Taken Over Chicopee

This is the year of the Pine Siskin in Chicopee! These birds have invaded the United States including Chicopee in search of food. The increase of sighting at backyard feeders across the country is overwhelming. Without question, it’s one of the biggest irruption years in recorded history for these finches.

Predictions this year for bird migrations indicate that many species may irrupt into Massachusetts and most of New England. An irruption is when northern birds move to or through an area in abnormally high numbers. Pine Siskin, Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Evening Grosbeak, and many more bird species will be in the area in record numbers due to the boreal forests not producing well with conifer seeds.

With the high bird population, food sources may become scarce. You can help our feather friends by putting out birdseed and plenty of fresh water. Not only will you be feeding the birds, but you will get to enjoy the many different species that are passing through or hanging around this winter. Especially the Pine Siskins!

What is a Pine Siskin?

Pine Siskins are very small songbirds with sharp, pointed bills and short, notched tails. Their feathers are brown and very streaky with subtle yellow edgings on wings and tails. Flashes of yellow can erupt as they take flight, flutter at branch tips, or display during mating. Their uniquely shaped bill is more slender than that of most finches. In-flight, look for their forked tails and pointed wingtips.

Which Type of Seed Should I Put Out for Pine Siskin?

Nyjer and sunflower seeds are the Pine Siskin’s bird food. If you want to attract Pine Siskins to your Chicopee backyard, add a thistle feeder. Like goldfinches, they will feed upside down at seed feeders which is always fun to watch.

Don’t forget the fresh water! As temperatures freeze, water is hard to come by for the birds. The Bird Store and More in Sturbridge, Massachusetts has a variety of birdbaths that can keep water from freezing.


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