Keep Your Bird Bath Warm in Agawam

Keep Your Bird Bath Warm in Agawam

Keep your bird bath warm in Agawam during the months that are freezing. Birds need fresh water year round. Water is a great way to attract birds to your backyard. If you already have a bird bath you know this. However, in the months that the temperature dips below the freezing mark, many bird baths turn to ice. The Bird Store and More in Sturbridge Massachusetts offers many products to keep your bird bath warm. We offer all types of bird supplies that help our feather friends survive the long cold winters here in Agawam.

Water is essential for birds to drink, bathe and preen. Deep snowfall and abundant ice, can make fresh water scarce in the winter. Birders who provide heated bird baths give their backyard birds an abundant source of water so the birds do not have to use extra energy melting snow. A heated bird bath will also attract other winter birds that may not be interested in feeders, bringing even more birding interest to a winter yard.

Tips for Bird Baths in Agawam

  1. Choose a dark colored bird bath. This will absorb the heat from the sun, thereby using less electricity.
  2. Birds will be able to find a color bath that sticks out against white snow.
  3. Make sure you keep the bath filled appropriately so that the birds don’t get burned.
  4. Clean your bird bath regularly to keep bacteria and viruses from forming.
  5. Cleaning your bird bath will also keep your heater working properly.
  6. Never use chemicals or additives to prevent the water from freezing. These chemicals are toxic to birds and can be deadly.

By using a heated bird bath appropriately, it’s easy to supply backyard birds with enough liquid water in the Agawam area for drinking, bathing and preening all winter long. Stop by The Bird Store and More in Sturbridge Massachusetts for all your birding supplies.

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