Hummingbird Feeders Holyoke

Hummingbird Feeders Holyoke

If you feed hummingbirds, you should be seeing lots of activity right now. Hummingbirds are zippy little brightly colored creatures. Because they are so speedy, they burn a lot of energy and therefore must eat constantly. The male ruby-throated hummingbird is unmistakable, He has glossy green feathers above and a stunning gorget that glitters like its namesake. Even the females are easily identified, for this species is the only hummingbird that commonly appears in Holyoke, Massachusetts. 

In order to bring and enjoy hummingbirds in your yard, you must have the proper food the birds need to survive. There are many sizes and styles of hummingbird feeders on the market. Some might be more appealing to the birds than others. At the Bird Store and More, located in Sturbridge, Massachusetts we have a wide variety of hummingbird feeders, birdbaths, and bird food so you can attract hummingbirds to your yard in Holyoke.

Habits of Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are territorial. Especially the male hummingbirds. You will often see him chasing off other birds. It might be necessary to put a second feeder to allow the other birds the opportunity to eat. New feeders are best hung near a flower garden, flower pot or window box as that is one of the first places a hummingbird will check for food. Besides having plenty of feeders for the birds, there are a few other things you can do that will help keep birds on your property all summer long.

Hummingbirds can’t seem to resist fine, moving water. They will love flying through it to soak their feathers before heading off to preen. So adding a mister to your birdbath will help to draw them in.

Hummingbirds are here just a few months out of the year. Be ready when they begin to arrive and take the necessary measures needed to enjoy these tiny birds all summer long.

Holyoke Area Hummingbird Supplies 

Stop by The Bird Store and More for all your hummingbird supplies. Our phone number is 508-347-2473.


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