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​​Holiday Gifts For Nature Lovers

Holiday Gifts For Nature Lovers in Western MA, visit The Bird Store and More for a unique present. Located at 4 Cedar St, Sturbridge, Massachusetts, easy to get to from anywhere in Western MA. You will find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. We have hundreds of creative gifts for men,

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Feeding winter birds in Massachusetts

If you’ve decided to start feeding birds this winter, or perhaps you’ve already tried feeding birds but have some questions, or are looking for additional ideas, this post is for you.

The northern position of Massachusetts leads to quite cold winters. Winters are frosty when clear,

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Bear Proof Bird Feeder Pole

Do you enjoy feeding the birds? Have the bears in your area ruined that experience by destroying your feeders and poles? Unfortunately we have built our homes in the bear’s backyard and now they want to enjoy what we have to offer.

Feeding birds is a popular pastime,

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Preventing Bird Disease

UPDATED 8/16/21

Updates according to Cornell Wildlife Health Lab

The Cornell Wildlife Health Lab has been monitoring the evolving situation. The lab, housed under the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, was created in 2010 with the Department of Environmental Conservation in order to develop a wildlife disease surveillance program.

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High Number of Northern Birds in Massachusetts

Fall-Winter 2020 -2021

Predictions this year for bird migrations indicate that many species may irrupt into Massachusetts and most of New England. An irruption is when northern birds move to or through an area in abnormally high numbers. Pine Siskin, Red-Breasted Nuthatch, Evening Grosbeak, and many more bird species will be in the area in record numbers due to the boreal forests not producing well with conifer seeds.

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As of 6/29/21 the mask law was removed, it’s your choice whether to wear a mask or not.  Whatever makes you feel most comfortable.



(Please follow social distancing/masks as required by the state)

After much consideration we have decided to change our Store Hours.

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Spring Birds: When Does Spring Migration Begin in New England?

March is the start of Spring Migration for Birds in New England

You have probably heard the geese flying overhead as they head back to their summer spots. Here in New England, with spring right around the corner, we will start to see a variety of snowbirds returning to summer in our lovely neck of the woods.

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Seed Saver Cards are available in the month of October. Load it with any amount of money you would like and when you purchase seed any time during the year and pay for it with your seed saver card you will receive a discounted seed price.

It’s a seed sale without having to store your seed.

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Bird Baths for Back Yard Birds

New England is in the middle of a heat wave and summer has just started. Our backyard bird friends are looking for water. If you don’t have a bird bath or bird dripper, they will hang out elsewhere. So keep them flying in with a cool water supply. Come to The Bird Store and More to find colorful,

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Small Business Saturday | Bird Supplies

Small business Saturday is all about promoting and supporting your local small businesses. Here at the Bird Store and More, we continue to offer you the best deals on bird supplies as well as great information on attracting and caring for your backyard bird friends.

Please keep our economy going by buying at the small business near you.

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