Bird Feeders and Bird Feeder Supplies for Hingham, MA

Durability, Selection and Great Prices!

Bird Feeders MaineBird feeders have to be durable to survive the harsh weather conditions seen in Hingham, MA. This means that bird feeders have to be able to stand up against the rugged conditions that mother nature can produce. Like rough winters, hot summers, wet springs and don’t even get us started on the wildlife!

Bird feeders have come a long way over the years to produce some beautiful and functional pieces of art that is more than just feeding birds. There are many different kinds of bird feeders that will go well in the backyards of Hingham. We carry a huge line of bird feeders from eco tough bird feeders, rustic wooden bird feeders, copper top bird feeders, platform bird feeders, squirrel proof bird feeders and the list goes on!

hardware2We also have a large variety of bird feeder poles and hardware. Many bird feeders need to be hung so unless you have a sturdy way of helping it survive the different weather conditions you might want to consider the appropriate poles and hardware. We can help you if you have any questions about that.

Many areas can be remote and difficult to navigate throughout the winter. Usually these kinds of places don’t have many local stores that offer a large variety of bird feeders. So getting to a place to see the feeders used to be a challenge but not anymore.

stonewood_mini_magnetWe have become one of America’s favorite bird store for bird lovers. We are located in an area that is known for the largest outdoor antique flea markets in the country. We get a lot of visitors on the way in and out that stop by and stock up. When they are not in the neighborhood they use our online store to purchase their bird feeders, feed and supply.

If you would like to see our selection of bird feeders without having to leave the Hingham area, feel free to go through this website. You can also click here to view our online catalog where we can have your bird feeder shipped to your house or PO Box. Or if you are in town for one of the Brimfield Antique Shows stop by and introduce yourself!