Bird Baths in Brimfield

Bird Baths in Brimfield are not just a matter of personal hygiene for the birds. They can be a life saver. Dirty feathers don’t function well. They interfere with flying, protecting the body from the wind, snow, heat and other elements.

Most birds have an oil gland at the base of their tail, which produces an oil that is spread all over the feathers by the bird. The purpose of this oil is to help give the feathers durability and make them water resistant. As the bird preens, he smooths and rearranges the barbs and barbules as he distributes the oil and removes dirt and insects that may have embedded in their feathers.

Bird baths should have a flat bottom and sloping sides. It should be no deeper than three inches. The bottom surface of the bird bath should not be so smooth that the birds won’t be able to get a secure footing. If necessary, add gravel to the bottom of the bath to make it less smooth and provide better footing for the birds. Flat rocks can also be added to the water to provide better footing. The water in the bath should be changed frequently and the bath should be scrubbed every few days in warmer weather.

Place your bird bath in the shade of a tree or near some kind of cover that provides shade. The adequate cover helps to make the bird feel more secure, especially when they are wet and cannot fly quickly. If the bath is located in an open area, shrubs or flowers can be planted next to the bird bath to achieve the same purpose.

Water movement and the sound of dripping water attract birds, so an artificial bath with a fresh water sprinkler will help the birds notice the bath. This also decreases the presence of infectious bacteria, which are common in backyard bird baths. When properly placed and consistently cleaned and maintained, bird baths can be a healthy and entertaining addition to your backyard bird sanctuary.

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