Big Selection of Bird Feeders and Bird Baths | Holyoke

Bird Feeders Attract Birds and Add Beautiful Yard Decorations to Backyard Designs

A beautiful and functional way to decorate your yard in Holyoke is with Bird feeders. They attract birds and improve your garden design in many ways. Bird feeders add excitement and fun to the aesthetic appeal of your yard landscaping and turn gardens into a paradise. By keeping bird feeders filled with seeds or suet you attract birds to your garden for all seasons. Birds like to return to the same feeders if they are rewarded with food. Using the appropriate bird feeder designs increases your chances to become their favorite place to visit.

Where to Hang Your Bird Feeder

Hang your bird feeder in an area protected by shrubs and trees. This will make it feel safe and pleasant to the birds and more birds will be attracted. Hanging bird feeders at least four feet off the ground and away from fences and branches protects birds from predators. A water source close to the bird feeder attracts birds for bathing and sipping. The light spray of a hose will bring them flitting to this water source. Birds love the sound and look of the water.

At the Bird Store and More in Sturbridge, MA we have a big selection of bird feeders, bird baths, bird seed, and suet.

There are many different kinds of bird feeders that will go well in your Holyoke backyard. We carry a huge line of bird feeders from eco tough bird feeders, rustic wooden bird feeders, copper top bird feeders, platform bird feeders, squirrel proof bird feeders, and the list goes on!

Bird Feeder Styles

We also have a large variety of bird feeder styles of poles and hardware. Many bird feeders need to be hung so unless you have a sturdy way of helping them survive the different weather conditions you might want to consider the appropriate poles and hardware. We can help you if you have any questions about that.

We have become one of Holyoke’s favorite bird stores for bird lovers. We are located in an area that is known for the largest outdoor antique flea markets in the country. We get a lot of visitors on the way in and out that stop by and stock up. When they are not in the neighborhood they use our online store to purchase their bird feeders, feed, and supply.


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