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Bear Proof Bird Feeder | Bird Store and More | Holland

Do you enjoy feeding the birds? Have the bears in your area ruined that experience by destroying your feeders and poles? Unfortunately, we have built our homes in the bear’s backyard and now they want to enjoy what we have to offer.

The bears have to eat, but they don’t have to eat the birdseed that we intend for the birds.

Our bear proof bird feeder pole has worked well to ward off those pesky bears. With a tall heavy grade steel pole, the bear can’t bend the pole or reach the feeders. The result is no broken feeders, bent poles or unhappy people. The pole can be equipped with up to 4 hooks and the feeders can be easily reached with an extension pole with a handy hook.

Does it really work? Take a look at our video to see for yourself. The pole as shown in the photo works perfectly to keep your feeders out of the bears reach. Take a look at the specifications and give us a call to discuss the best option for your yard.

A hands-on review from a satisfied customer ~ Thanks to Paul Bottis for the video.  Information and pricing are available below.

Another view from a satisfied customer in Florida.

The price list and pole description listed below is for the standard pole shown in the photograph.

Call for pricing 508-347-2473
Kit Includes:
15′ x 4″ 3 pieces galvanized steel pole with cap, 4 hooks, and squirrel baffle.

 Accessory hooks are available at additional cost. Call for details and pickup/shipping options.
508 347-2473

Frequently asked questions

Q: How tall is it?
A: The total length assembled is 15 and 1/2 feet

Q: How deep is it in the ground?
A: You must dig a hole 42 inches deep.

A: I have too many rocks in my yard to dig a hole that deep what can I do.
With over 150 poles installed to date I have only had one that I could not get in the required depth. But with some on-site modifications to the pole and a little extra work the pole is still standing to this day. There is a video link at the bottom of the Q and A section that shows the hole digging process.

Q: Do you need to put cement around the pole?
A: In most cases, two or three 80-pound bags of concrete are required.

Q: If I pick the pole up at your location how can I transport it?
A: The best way is to have it assemble it and you pick it up in one piece. We transport them on a set of kayak racks on the roof of the car or with a ladder rack on a pickup truck. The other way is to take the 3 pole sections and assemble it yourself. The longest piece is about 7 feet.

Q: How heavy is it?
A: just under 100 pounds

Q: Do you need any special tools and skills to assemble it?
You need to be fairly handy and have a cordless drill with a 5/16 inch socket drive and a 3/4 inch open-ended wrench. There is a video link at the bottom of the Q and A section that shows you the assembly procedure.

Q: What is the pole made of?
A: 4 inch galvanized steel tubing.

Q: Can it be painted?
A: We have painted them with Rustoleum spray paint and it works quite well. We suggest wiping the pole down with white vinegar prior to painting.

Q: How big a feeder can I hang from the pole?
A: We recommend you use a feeder that weighs no more than 5 pounds. Once installed the pole is over 11 feet tall and you will have difficulty lifting anything heavier over your head.

Q: How do I lift and hang the feeders
A: We have developed a system using a telescoping painters pole along with some hooks that we developed for this purpose. There is a video link at the bottom of the Q and A section that shows you the hanging system.

Digging a hole to install pole 

Assembly instructions

Raccoon climbing pole before and after baffle installation

Using Hookum feeder hanging system

Mom with cubs trying to climb the pole

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