Baby Bird Fell Out of Nest

Baby Bird Fell Out of Nest

baby blue jay

This is the time of year that we find baby birds that fell out of their nest. The urge to rescue the bird can be very overwhelming. You might feel the poor little thing is unable to defend itself and you worry some animal will come along and make it a meal.

You need to fight the strong desire to save the bird.┬áMost baby birds found on the ground are still being cared for by their parents and need to be left alone. Jays, crows, owls, robins and many more species, leave their nest and can spend up to 5 days on the ground before they can fly. This is vital to a bird’s development. While the babies are on the ground, the parents are still protecting them at the same time teaching the baby birds life skills, such as identifying predators and what they should do. Finding food and learning to fly are also part of this training.

The Bird Store and More experts can tell you that if you take these birds into captivity, you are denying them the opportunity to learn the survival skills they need. So unless you can see the bird is injured in any way, it is best not to touch them

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