Summer Waterfowl in Hampden

Waterfowl Massachusetts

Winter is over and spring has delivered our summer waterfowl to the Hampden area. Large concentrations of breeding birds can be found near our ponds and lakes. Goslings, ducklings and cygnets can be spotted waddling and wadding around with their parents.The urge to see and feed these wonderful creatures causes many people to take their old bread out, however, our experts at the Bird Store and More, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts warn against it.

White bread has no real nutritional value, but birds find it tasty. The danger is the bread will fill them up instead of healthy food. By not getting the nutrients in their diet, their health suffers. Illnesses and deformities can occur and sometimes be fatal.

Oats, corn and peas are a much better choice if you would like to feed the birds, and moderation should be kept in mind. The Bird Store and More has birdseed by the barrel that you can bag up for our your feathered friends.

So come in and see what we have in store to help you get the most out of your bird watching experience. It’s worth the drive from Hampden. If you can make it to our store then you can shop online here.