Seeing is Believing!

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The Secret Garden Cuckoo

The Bird Store’s Secret Garden is home to New England’s largest Cuckoo Clock!  The cuckoo makes his appearance out of the whimsical Secret Garden shed on the hour from 9am – 6pm.

This Is Why Our Bird Seed is Better

We took a trip to Lizzie Mae’s Bird Seed & Dry Goods to see first hand where our seed comes from.  Lizzie Mae’s is a smaller sized Amish packing and distributing facility located in Millersburg, OH. The warehouse is filled and emptied weekly!  Lizzie Mae’s celebrated 10 years in business in June 2019, and the packing house itself, called Stony Hill Mixing under the leadership of one of Lizzie Mae’s partners has been in the seed business since 2001.

Wood Duck Jump Day

Watch baby Wood Ducks jump from their nest.

Hummingbird Rescue

This guy got himself stuck in the webbing of our neighbors lawn chair. He spent the night with us in a box in the bathroom (away from the cats) and this morning after a good fuel up he checked out a female hummingbird at the feeder, preened himself, and flew off.

Another Bear Proof Pole video from Paul Bottis

The Bear Proof Pole ~ A Customer Referral ~
Thanks to Paul Bottis for the video


Bear vs Bird feeders….bird feeders lose

Squirrel Comes To Breakfast

Stale Bird Seed ~ This is what happens