Bird Seed & Other Bird Foods

Quality Bird Feed & Other Foods

At The Bird Store And More, we believe birds should have a choice in seed and feed! That’s why we carry several blends of bird seed mix, thistle seed, safflower, hulled sunflower, and black oil sunflower, split peanuts, millet, and cracked corn.

We carry large bags of seed in our store, most seeds are available in 20/25 pound bags and 40/50 pound bags.  We do not ship large bags of seed due to the shipping size and cost.  If you need pricing please send us an email or call us toll free! Here is our bird feed selection. Click on the image or the title to learn more.  CLICK HERE TO SHOP

**IMPORTANT COUPON INFORMATION** Coupons can not be processed through our web store at this time.  Please call us if you wish to use a coupon with your order.