Importance of Cleaning Your Bird Feeders and Baths Before Winter

Importance of Cleaning Your Bird Feeders and Baths Before Winter

It’s important to clean your bird feeders and baths, especially before the winter season arrives. Harmful diseases and bacteria will grow even in cold weather. Before it gets too cold and snows, take the time to clean your bird feeders to cut back on spreading diseases and sickness that will harm our backyard bird friends.

Many people assume that winters cold is enough to kill off harmful bacteria, but this isn’t true. The two major bacterial diseases that can be transmitted from bird to bird at feeders are salmonella and avian conjunctivitis, both of which can lead to bird deaths. In addition, many New England Birds carry Avian Pox and House Finch Eye disease.

This makes hygienic feeders and birdbaths very important. After the warm weather and before the winter season makes a great time to clean feeders and baths.

Of course cleaning at the beginning of each season is the best idea.

Nancy from The Bird Store and More has these tips for cleaning your bird feeders and baths.

Bird Feeders:

  • Throw away old seed

  • Rinse feeder with a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water

  • Make sure you rinse them thoroughly with just plain water

  • Dry completely before adding new seed

  • Some inexpensive plastic tube feeders or feeders that are too hard to clean should be tossed out.

Bird Baths:

  • Cement bird baths can be pressure washed -first scrub with bleach and water

  • You can clean the birdbaths (any kind) with the same solution of one part bleach to nine parts water.

  • Make sure you rinse thoroughly with plain water

  • Refill with fresh water

To be on the safe side, wear gloves when you’re washing out feeders, but you needn’t worry about catching either of these diseases yourself.

If you see sick birds, take down your feeders and clean. Also, clean the bird bath. Wait a few weeks before rehanging or filling the bath with fresh water.

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