Holland Area Winter Preparation for Birds

Holland Area Winter Preparation for Birds

It’s that time of year for winter preparation for birds in Holland. Winter is coming so it’s time to prepare for your backyard birds. Hummingbird feeders need to be taken down because Hummingbirds have migrated by this point. Store them properly for the spring. Contact the Bird Store and More to find ways to properly store your hummingbird feeder.

Another way to prepare your backyard birds for winter in Holland is to make sure your heated baths have been tested so they will not freeze over at the coldest time of the year. The Bird Store and More suggest putting thermostat triggered baths in the freezer in order to get them cold enough to turn on and check.

The Bird Store and More offer many ways to attract winter birds to your yard, but their main goal is to help birds survive the winter season. Storms and blizzard can make it hard for birds to find food. The winters in Holland can be very harsh. With constant snowstorms and freezing temperatures, birds find it difficult to locate fresh water and food. Prepare backyard birds for winter with heated baths and plenty of food that is easy to find at The Bird Store and More.

News Tibit for Holland Area

According to The Bird Observer: The nomadic Red Crossbill (Loxia curvirostra) can appear in numbers in one particular region only to disappear in subsequent years. Crossbill movements are irruptive and follow the cone crop, with various North American crossbill groups—flight call types—favoring the conifer species to which they are best adapted by bill size and shape. A recent article by Young and Spahr (2017) has called attention to the potential for a significant irruption of Red Crossbills throughout large portions of North America beginning in the fall of 2017. In Massachusetts, this irruption could extend throughout the winter of 2017–2018 and into the spring of 2018.

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