“Cheap” Bird Seed in Bulk

“Cheap” Bird Seed in Bulk

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Now that we have your attention! We have a large variety of bird seed in bulk quantities. But what makes our seed so special is that the quality is not cheap!

Everyone sells cheap bird seed these days but what does that mean? Surely they are not all the same quality. So what does the word “cheap” actually mean? Well you should know what you are paying for when you buy cheap. Here is a lesson on the 2 meanings of cheap.

Cheap Bird Seed Prices

When we use the term “cheap” we are talking about our competitive price for quality seed. In this case cheap is a good word and reflects the pricing of many bulk bird seeds out there. We can buy our bird seed in bulk packages and pass that savings on to our customers. In this case cheap is good. This economy is challenging and let’s face it, this is a luxury item. When tightening our budget we look at ways to cut expenses and this certainly is one for many bird lovers so competitive price  and our in store incentives help.

Cheap Bird Seed Quality

This is a bad word to use when talking about quality. Many of the bird feeds on the market that are super inexpensive are that way because the quality is terrible. Bulk seed prices that are half the price of other brands and stores is a clear sign that the quality is bad. Oils are extracted by pressing the seeds. When pressed too much what’s left is a seed with little to no value for the birds. It is then sold for cheap seed. The cheapest bulk bird seeds are cheap because the birds won’t eat it. Do you see a lot of seed on the ground? Are the birds picking though the seed and spilling it out? These are signs that the quality is “cheap.”

So be careful buying cheap bird seed in bulk, you might be wasting more and hurting the birds and that’s a cost you don’t want to bare. Call or stop by and learn about the quality bulk bird seed we offer our customers. We are here to answer all your questions about the many different bird seeds out there.