Bird Supplies – Backyard Birding in Brimfield Area

With hundreds of species easy to spot locally, the birds of New England and backyard birding is a hobby many should enjoy in the Brimfield area. The Bird Store and More has many ways to attract new birds to your backyard by offering what they need most: food, shelter, water and nesting sites. The birds of New England need these necessities in place, to gather at your house for backyard birding.

Don’t get frustrated if you only see a few of our native New England birds in your backyard. Come into The Bird Store and More and we will show you that by adding a few features to your yard, you will find a wide range of new species will be come by for inspection and then become regulars.

The birds of New England are spectacular to watch and bring us beautiful musics. So come by The Bird Store and More, in person or online to help you make the most out of your bird watching experience.