Bird Baths for Back Yard Birds Near Me | Monson

Bird Baths for Back Yard Birds Near Me | Monson

Monson is in the middle of a heat wave and summer has just started. Our backyard bird friends are looking for water. If you don’t have a bird bath or bird dripper, they will hang out elsewhere. So keep them flying in with a cool water supply. Come to The Bird Store and More to find colorful, beautiful baths and dippers that will enhance your backyard and keep our feather friends hydrated.

Bird Baths – Social Activity for Birds

Water is a necessity of life to us and to all animals. It’s especially important when the temperatures soar. Birds need water to drink, but they also flock to water sources to cool themselves off. If you set up a birdbath on a hot day, you’ll see numerous birds walking through the water or shaking around in it. Birds love getting wet on hot days, and the presence of bird baths and misters and fountains drastically reduces their body temperatures. It’s also lots of fun to watch the birds play in it.

Having a birdbath in your yard is a great first step, keeping it full of clean, fresh water is equally important. Water evaporates quickly throughout the day when the sun is bearing down. Even though you fill it completely in the morning, by the afternoon, it could be all gone. Plus, you want to remove feathers and dirt that collect in the bath. This will eliminate bacteria and other organisms that may make your birds sick.

Setting up misters or small fountains is a fun and helpful way to draw in birds. Your backyard will become the social place to be for all feathered creatures.

Don’t Forget a Bird Snack 

With all that swimming, bathing and flying around, birds work up good appetites. When temperatures soar, birds will stay cool by being less active. If you give them easy access to fresh food, they will have to use up less energy to go searching for it.

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